Plastic Components

WP3 - Smart Plastics

The aim of this work package is the development and implementation of advanced processes, optimization of processing conditions considering the developments implemented in production tools (WP1) and following the current high requirements of the automotive sector. This work package reflects the constant change in the market profile in terms of new components that increasingly aim at advanced technological products, optical systems and complex circuit integrator products obtained by injections of 4 dissimilar materials (4K).

New, more ergonomic screens to meet the new connectivity, ergonomics, and business model needs that are emerging in the automotive industry. Development of touch panels, with complex geometries and high optical quality, dictated by current market trends.

Over-injected and bi-injected connectors, for electronic connections in new generations of vehicles. These new products use injected connections, with integrated metallic circuits, using one or more materials with different mechanical, electrical, and chemical properties, to integrate more functions and simplify the vehicle assembly process.

New high-quality optical products to provide correct diffraction in headlights and LED interior lights. These products, for both exterior and interior applications, are intrinsically linked to the correct optical properties in terms of materials and micro- and nano-structured geometries of the molds designed using optical simulation methodologies.