New concepts, forms and energies

By 2035, combustion engines will no longer be produced in Europe, which will mean changes in the value chain that began with the production of the FORD Model T.

The goals for the energy transition pose new challenges to companies producing components, pulling them to readapt their production structure, using different materials, processes, and technologies, which represent disruptive changes in their production structure.

Among the European targets are also measures for a new mobility within urban centers, allowing the reduction of traffic and the improvement of air quality within cities, through shared mobility solutions and a change in the paradigm of car use. This creates new opportunities for the development of new, stronger, more durable, and lighter components.

It is in this context that this project is born, aggregating several companies with relevance in the sector, associated with Universities and Technological Institutes and associations to promote cooperative activities in exploring the new opportunities already existing in the emerging markets of electric mobility and hydrogen.


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