New Tools

WP1 - Advanced Tooling

 The goal of this work package is the development and implementation of advanced processes, optimization of processing conditions and manufacturing of productive tools with high durability, following the current high demands of the automotive market and the constantly changing market profile in terms of new components, aiming higher geometric complexity.

New advanced tools with chemical vapor deposition (CVD) coatings for machining automotive metal components (BEV/FCEV) with high mechanical strength: aluminum, high-alloy steels and nickel superalloys.

Development of high-precision and complex molds for optical and electronic applications for the next generation of automotive cabin (interactivity, connectivity and infotainment systems) and automotive exterior lighting (front, rear, hazard lights, etc). This type of mold is the result of co-development between OEM’s and companies specialized in nano-structured surface finishing, multi-injection, advanced materials, and label-in-mold.



Intelligent molds for plastic injection processes with embedded monitoring solutions, which open up the possibility of integrating predictive and autonomous maintenance systems. Additionally, we are looking to implement conformal channels for cooling the molds and innovative solutions for surface coatings to improve quality and durability.